"Through Karen's story, you will see an inside glimpse into God's sovereignty and love. God gave Karen an extreme soul makeover experience. He delivered her and turned sorrow and pain into joy and hope." Maryann Gilliam, recipient of a home built by ABC's hit show [Extreme Makeover: Home Edition]

Karen collapsed into her dad's arms upon learning her husband was gone. She was facing a mountain of heartache, with foothills of depression and devastating loss as a suddenly single mom. Now, this Midwestern pastor’s daughter could no longer avoid or hide her problems, fears, and dire circumstances but had to face them head-on. And in doing so, she was finally willing to acknowledge that people in church pews have problems too. 

​Karen shares how her story is just part of the bigger one God is writing. And so is yours. This true story will infuse you with faith as Karen shows you how Jesus can turn whatever mountain is ahead of you into a mountain of hope.