"Karen, thank you for your transparency in speaking to the women of Woodlawn Church on our recent retreat.  You shared from your heart and touched ours.  You told your story and allowed us to remember that our story is not over.  Your honesty and witness breathed new life in our women so they could discover their own mountain of hope.  Well done faithful servant.  You were made for this mission.  If any of my friends need a speaker for an event, try Karen Dancey."                            --Marilyn Ruedisueli, Woodlawn Church

“All I can say is W.O.W. (acronym for What Outstanding Work!)  Your use of Bible passages and applying them to the situations showed the power of and presence of the Lord in your life.  Your message is a powerful story of God's leading through the green pastures, still waters, shadows of death, goodness, mercy and everlasting life!  You are a WOMAN OF FAITH! It has been such a blessing to meet you and learn your story.  I pray that this story inspires many people to walk their own mountains in life with the same Hope that you did."

--Louann Scherzer, Frankenmuth, MI  

“Karen Dancey's book reaches into deep places, tugs at the soul, and pulls out raw honesty and hard truth. Through the sharp turns of life, she never loses sight of the forgiveness, hope and love she has in Christ. Her storytelling is vivid and will hold you accountable for your own life in the best possible way. Having a longer lens through which to view her past, she writes with refreshing boldness and confident faith. Karen knows where she's been, where she's going, and to whom she belongs. From every angle, you will see glimpses into your own story and heart. It is clear God is using here tragic yet beautiful story to captivate us with the same living hope that rescued Karen in her darkest hours."

​--Gina Kell Spehn is a New York Times Best Selling Author (The Color of Rain)

​  and Co-Founder and President of New Day Foundation for Families

"Karen's message of letting God run our life hit to my core.  I know way too often I do my thing and THEN ask God for His help.  Seeing how God worked in Karen's life when she let Him decide what was right for her is a good knock upside my head. Karen's life has truly been blessed by God.  It is inspiring to see God work, and always for our best interest.  In her book, I could feel Karen's NEW HOPE in the Lord."

​--Dr. Jeffrey Buller, Rochester Hills, MI

"I had the privilege to hear Karen speak a few times and talk about her life's journey, 'Mountain of Hope.' She spoke about becoming closest to God through her pain and loss and then rising above it all with the help of God and the power of prayer. Karen is truly an amazing Christian soul inside and out. She speaks about God in a way that made me desire that same relationship with Him. Thank you, Karen, for your words of wisdom, your truth and sharing your story of our great God!!!"

--Stephanie Haman, Our Savior Lutheran, Lansing, MI


"The women are saying this was their favorite retreat ever!"